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Toileting and Self-Help Skills

Toileting and hygiene can sometimes be an issue for children on the autism spectrum. Sensory differences such as sensitivities to noise, touch and smell –  washing, using the toilet or even entering the bathroom or public toilet can be an uncomfortable experience.

Autistic children may struggle to develop independent toileting skills – they may develop these skills much later than their neurotypical peers. In order to develop these skills, children need to be physically and mentally mature enough to be aware of their bowel and bladder functions, as well as be able to control and to communicate their need for the toilet (NAS).

If the child is ready to be toilet trained, the Adviser will support parents to develop a bespoke plan for their child,  according to their needs. Careful consideration of the child’s individual strengths and difficulties will be included.  

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If parents / caregivers have any concerns about their child’s health, bowel habits, incontinence or constipation, they are advised to discuss these concerns with a Health Professional, such as a GP, Health Visitor or School Nurse, to ensure there are no underlying causes.