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Difficulties with autism can trigger anxiety problems. Autistic people have difficulty in making sense of the social world. This can be anxiety provoking in itself; however other stressful life events can also increase anxiety.

It is a feeling of unease – everyone experiences these feelings at some point in their lives. Feelings can include worry, panic, nervousness or fear – these feelings can be mild to severe.  

Anxiety at a helpful level is a normal emotion that can assist us in performing better and may help us achieve more. When it affects a person’s everyday life, then we need to help them identify these emotions and support them to find ways of coping and managing these situations.  We offer advice, strategies and resources that can help children with autism manage situations and develop lifelong skills to cope with this situation. 

Stressful life events can include:

  • Social experiences – difficulties with friendships that can be negative due to misunderstandings. Loneliness and bullying compound difficulties.
  • Mind Blindness (Theory of Mind) – not being able to recognise and understand their own emotions, as well as other people’s emotions, intent and point of view.  
  • Difficulties recognising, expressing, managing and regulating emotions – leading to emotional extremes.
  • Sensory differences, sensory seeking and processing needs.

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