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About Us

Our aim

We strive to make a meaningful
and positive impact

Our aim is to enhance the understanding of autism and neurodiversity, foster resilience, and enable every child to reach their full potential according to their individual needs through the advice and support we offer parents, caregivers and professionals. We strive to make a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of families by offering comprehensive advice and support, which is tailored to each individual and their family, in areas such as sensory differences, social communication difficulties, support with developing interaction skills, communication skills, managing anxiety, difficulties with behavior, support with emotional regulation, advice on supporting girls with autism and support with self-help skills.

we are dedicated to facilitating the journey of parents and caregivers

At our core, we are dedicated to facilitating the journey of parents and caregivers as they navigate the lifelong path of supporting their exceptional children. This is done through support, guidance and compassion. Our focus is to support parents and caregivers through bespoke advice, recommendations and resources to empower them to build confidence and resilience

30 Years experience working with children

My approach has always focused on the child and is family centered. I believe when children feel  safe and are healthy and happy in their environment, then they will make progress and even blossom. I support parents by helping them find practical strategies / solutions to support their child according to their individual needs.

I have a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in autism and neurodiversity providing advice, support and training to parents and professionals.

I have specialised in children and family studies, and education. I am a Licensed EarlyBird Plus practitioner (National Autistic Society – NAS) and have obtained accredited qualifications through the British Dyslexia Association in Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. I have attended extensive professional development courses throughout my career and kept up to date with current theories and approaches. I promote and use the SPELL framework (NAS), as well as The Social Thinking Methodology (Michelle Garcia) – The Zones of Regulation and Size of the Problem to support children with emotional regulation. I use the STAR and ABC Chart (NAS) to identify and support with behaviour. I am trained and follow the Social Communication Emotional Transactional Support (SCERTS) framework and TEACCH approach.